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‘Arrow’ 2x22 ‘Streets of Fire’ (spoilers); Recap 2x21 ‘City of Blood'

'Arrow' 2x22 'Streets of Fire'
'Arrow' 2x22 'Streets of Fire'
Jack Rowand /The CW

Malcolm Merlyn returns on “Arrow” season 2, episode 22 “Streets of Fire” tonight, Wednesday, May 7, on The CW.

'Arrow' season 2, episode 22 'Streets of Fire'
Jack Rowand/The CW

Arrow” has only one episode left until what's bound to be an explosive season finale. According to The CW via, as Slade’s Mirakuru soldiers attack the city, Oliver and his team have quite a battle ahead of them. Felicity receives a call from S.T.A.R. Labs, and Thea comes face-to-face with Malcolm for the first time after finding out his identity as her father. (Check out the slideshow for some stills from the upcoming episode, 'Streets of Fire.")

Previously on “Arrow,” emotions were high following the death of Moira Queen. Oliver, filled with guilt and the feeling of defeat, went into hiding, and didn’t even make an appearance at his mother’s funeral, which occurred at the same time Sebastian Blood was being sworn in as the new mayor. With the help of Amanda Waller at ARGUS, Felicity and Diggle were able to track down Oliver in his “other lair,” a facility Oliver had as a safety net, and once he was found, Felicity and Diggle heard Oliver’s plan to give himself up to Slade in order to end this battle once and for all.

Before calling Isabel to tell her that he’d be giving himself up at the pier, Oliver went to see Thea, who told him that she was leaving Starling City, which he felt was a good idea. Earlier, a Mirakuru –enhanced Isabel visited Thea at Verdant and told her that she had a couple days to close down the club since the building belonged to her and Queen Consolidated. (Smart advanced thinking on Oliver’s part to maintain a second lair.)

Since Felicity and Diggle weren’t able to convince Oliver that his choice was wrong, they were driven to drastic measures to prevent Oliver’s would-be-suicide, shooting him with a dart while Oliver stood on the pier.

When Oliver awoke, he found himself in his lair with Felicity, Diggle and…Laurel. Laurel came clean to Oliver about her knowledge of knowing he was The Arrow, news delivered to her by Slade. It turns out that she reached out to Felicity and Diggle, and they brought her up to speed with his plan. Laurel told Oliver that Sebastian Blood and Slade were working together, news she discovered when she, Quentin and an IT guy at the police station hacked into Blood’s computer, finding proof that Sebastian knew of Moira’s future demise the day before she was killed.

With this knowledge, Oliver confronts Sebastian, and tells him that he knows Sebastian is in cahoots with Slade and how does he know, “Because, I’m the Arrow.”

Oliver, Diggle and Felicity prepare to take on Slade’s army, but Laurel wants to come as well. She is told no by Oliver, who says, “This started with the three of us … it’s time we got back to that.”

While Blood, in his Brother Blood mask, is giving a speech to the Mirakuru army, The Arrow, sneaking around, is spotted by a Mirakuru guard, and the battle begins. As the guard is choking Oliver, Laurel distracts the guard from behind, and Oliver is able to hit him with an explosive arrow. Good thing Laurel didn’t listen to Oliver and came to help.

Felicity finds a place for Diggle to plant explosives, but a costumed Isabel attacks Diggle. A Mirakuru soldier is planted at the police station and attacks Quentin and IT guy, while another Mirakuru soldier starts trouble at the airport where Thea is waiting. Oliver and Laurel find themselves trapped with the Mirakuru soldiers closing in, but with the help of an explosive arrow, it looks like they’ll be all right, as Slade’s army marches through the streets.

“Arrow” airs on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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