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'Arrow' 2x20 'Seeing Red': Trying to repair the damage

Felicity: "Can you even get into those leather pants with that knee?"
Felicity: "Can you even get into those leather pants with that knee?"
Photo Courtesy Of Katie Yu/The CW

Oliver: “It’s Oliver. It’s me. What you are doing right now, it’s because of the mirakuru. You are a good person, Roy. You have a conscience and a soul. I need you to use those right now and fight this.”

Sin: "It made him strong like comic book strong."
Photo Courtesy Of Katie Yu/The CW

“Seeing Red” is the April 23 episode of “Arrow.” If you haven’t seen it yet, beware of spoilers. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from tonight's episode. “Arrow” airs Wednesday nights at 7 p.m. central on the CW.

Oh Moira, I have so many thoughts on you. Having her know the secret randomly was, well, random. It comes out of nowhere. The way she said it was like once she grasped the fact that Oliver was the Arrow, she reflected back on everything and realized there were clues she noticed on the night of the undertaking. It would have been better if there was a moment where there’s a Moira close up or something that hints to the viewers that Moira knows what is going on with Oliver. When do you think Moira put all the pieces together?

Her sudden admittance feels like the writers knew they were going to kill her off, but they also wanted a mother/son moment where Moira could tell Oliver how proud she is of him. Yes, Oliver does need to hear that he is doing the right thing because there are days when it is clear he isn’t sure what to do. What is nice is that Moira doesn’t make a big deal of this. She simply says that she knows, and that she is so proud of him.

Slade does something so cruel (but genius) by he forcing Oliver to choose between Moira and Thea the same way he had to choose between Shado and Sara. The writers do a great job making this scene utterly heartbreaking. It is a fantastic scene for Moira. Will I miss her? Ehh, maybe. She doesn’t really do much of anything on the show. Occasionally, she will have a good episode, but her arcs don’t really captivate attention for very long. The writers managed to make her death heartbreaking even though she has been a not so lovable character. Are you sad Moira is gone?

There are some answers, mirakuru wise. For one, Roy is hallucinating Thea, and she is not saying nice things. This parallels Slade seeing Shado who seems to be dictating a lot of his moves. This does help show that mirakuru has intense psychological effects, and it effectively shows why Slade is seeing Shado. On top of all of that, Oliver is now aware that Slade is hallucinating. Hopefully he can piece together that the “she” Slade referred to was Shado. Any thoughts on Roy or this mirakuru development?

Speaking of Roy, the quick fix seems to be keep him in a coma. This is really the only option instead of killing him off, and I’m so glad the writers didn’t do that. For one, it would not fit with Oliver trying to be a changed man like he was been working on since Tommy’s death. For another, Roy is a very interesting character. There’s so much potential for him. Plus, it would have been annoying if the antidote was ready that quickly. What do you think is next for Roy?

Sara and Oliver break up. They were happy for too long. It was bound to happen. What’s annoying is that this happens during the same episode that Oliver talks about moving in. It is just like of course, let’s show them working on taking a step forward and then end it all. Sara’s reasoning for leaving does make sense, and it is a great character moment for her. The darkness still consumes her. Oliver was the same way, and Sara just hasn’t had that person who makes her change. Do you think Sara can ever overcome her darkness?

Oh right, there was a flashback. This time, we get a seven years ago flashback. It is unclear why we are seeing this. Perhaps, it is to showcase a time when Oliver and Moira were in a good place. Of course, this flashback still features Moira manipulating her son’s life, but hey, no big. The other reason we could be seeing this flashback is that sometime soon Oliver’s son will come into the picture. My only issue with that is, a six/seven year old doesn’t really fit into things. It would just come off weird.

What did you think of the episode? Moira and Oliver were so close to learning that Malcolm is still alive. Where do you think Oliver and Thea’s relationship will go from here? Are you upset that Sara and Oliver broke up? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.

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