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'Arrow' 2x17 'Birds of Prey': Huntress versus Black Canary

Felicity: "I think if the Huntress shows up, you should totally kick her ass."
Felicity: "I think if the Huntress shows up, you should totally kick her ass."
The CW

Felicity: “A girl with boobs can get a frat boy to do anything.”

Laurel: "What is so special about me?"
The CW

Oliver: “I was a frat boy.”

Felicity: “I rest my case.”

“Birds of Prey” is tonight’s episode of “Arrow.” If you haven’t seen it yet, beware of spoilers. To review the last case file, click here. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from tonight's episode. “Arrow” airs Wednesday nights at 7 on the CW.

Helena returns to Starling City to kill her father. I have missed her, she is not only interesting to watch, but it is great seeing everyone’s reaction to the fact that she is back. Helena ends up taking hostages, including Laurel. This leads to Laurel being awesome, and trying to get Helena not to do this. Seeing Laurel be honest about what happened to her after Tommy’s death is amazing, and it is great that this moment happens between Laurel and Helena because it is unexpected. Helena wants to kill her father, but when someone else does it for her, she learns that her father being dead did not solve her problems. The writers were smart to include a scene with Oliver and Helena at the precinct because it gives Helena a chance to share what she is feeling about her dad being dead. Sadly, with Helena going behind bars, it doesn’t look like we will be seeing her anytime soon. Did you enjoy seeing Helena again?

Laurel spends a lot of time with her sister in the episode. Of course, for most of it, Laurel is unaware that Black Canary is simply Sara with a mask. It’s a hardcore mask, you guys, and it obscures a lot. Also, it is really great to see Laurel question why getting her to safety is more important than everyone else. She has to start figuring out the personal connection soon. It is fantastic to see the two of them spending more time together, and there are great sister moments. Plus, it gives Laurel something exciting to do. Sara slips up a couple times, telling Laurel more than either Sara or Black Canary should know. It is surprising that Laurel doesn’t pick up on it. When Laurel tells Black Canary that she is not a killer, for a moment there, I thought Laurel had figured it out. It seemed like something more personal that Laurel would say if she knew that Black Canary was Sara, but it seemed like the writers wanted you to take it as Laurel returning the favor for when Black Canary stopping her from drinking. Did you enjoy Black Canary and Laurel spending time together?

Here are some thoughts on elsewhere in the episode. Detective Lance has to be close to figuring out that Oliver is Arrow, right? The phone call bit was hilarious, as was Felicity’s reaction to this when Oliver relays what just happened. It is hard to understand why Oliver thinks Roy needs to be away from Thea, when he has said that the only thing keeping Roy in check is Thea. There is some weird Oliver Queen logic happening there. The island scenes in this episode don’t have anything too exciting happening. It is merely showing things progressing, and thankfully, the writers don’t let the island scenes take up a lot of the episode. Strangely enough, Helena seems to have rubbed off on Laurel, and it is hard to tell if that is a good thing. Laurel uses blackmail to keep her job at the DA’s office, citing something Helena said to her as her reason for resorting to blackmail in the first place. Hopefully the writers will continue to show how Laurel is doing, and if the darkness inside of her is making a noticeable difference.

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