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'Arrow' 2x15 'The Promise': Brothers no more

Slade: "You are the girl who came back from the dead."
Slade: "You are the girl who came back from the dead."
Cate Cameron/The CW

Sara: “You still have to act stoned to sell it.”

Slade: "I believe that when we lose someone we love, we have the obligation to honor their memory."
Cate Cameron/The CW

Oliver: “Lucky for me, before all of this, I had a lot of practice.”

“The Promise” is tonight’s episode of “Arrow.” If you haven’t seen it yet, beware of spoilers. To review the last case file, click here. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from tonight's episode. “Arrow” returns on March 19th on the CW.

This is an island-centric episode. The flashbacks take up most of the episode, which is not a bad thing. The writers really needed to take the time to show everything surrounding Slade turning on Oliver. This is not something that can be glossed over because it is a crucial character moment for both Oliver and Slade. It is interesting to see how different Slade becomes after learning the truth about Shado. Before, he is talking about how he and Oliver and brothers, and then it’s game over. It happens rather quickly, but the writers have made the point of saying that the mirakuru changes people. After all, Slade did save the mirakuru from Oliver and Sara’s plan to burn it all. Do you prefer Slade and Oliver as friends or enemies?

Aside from the Slade and Oliver bromance souring, this flashback marks other big moments. Slade puts on the Deathstroke mask, and Oliver goes out in the green hood. It’s a big day all around. What is a little unclear is whether or not this is the episode where Oliver starts being okay with killing people. He doesn’t want to kill Ivo, and he says as much to Sara. Then when faced with a defenseless Ivo, Oliver doesn’t kill him straight away. However after escaping the fight with Slade, Oliver takes down a couple people with arrows, and at least one shot looked fatal. This is an important moment in Oliver’s story, and so it would be great to be clear as to when that point occurs. What did you think of all the flashbacks?

Here are quick thoughts on elsewhere in the episode. Slade claims he made a promise to Oliver five years ago, and that promise is shown at the end of the flashback. Now, here’s the question: has a year not passed on the island? It is possible that Slade and Oliver don’t have any concept of time on the island. Still, it would be nice to have a better sense of how much time Oliver has spent on the island at this point. As far as the present day scenes go, Moira and Thea don’t pick up all the awkward stale mate things happening between Slade and Oliver. It is pretty obvious, but they don’t seem to pick up on it. What did you think of the episode?

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