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'Arrow' 2x14 clips and spoilers tease the new status of the team

"Arrow" is ready for more action on CW, and fans are now being given another glimpse at tomorrow night's new episode, "Arrow" episode 2x14 titled "Time of Death." On Feb. 25, TV Line shared the latest comments made by Stephen Amell about the series and recent changes made to the team he works with on the series. At the end of the last episode, the team added two new people. Sara and Roy are now a part of the group, and these new additions will cause some tension. Spoilers Guide shared two sneak peeks for the episode that show this tension clearly.

Arrow 2x14 Time of Death Photos-slide0

Amell teased the following about the team and the new arrivals to TV Line:

Well, they’re “on the team” with a lowercase T. I mean, there’s myself, Diggle and Felicity, and everybody else for the moment is just kind of a visitor.

Amell also revealed that Roy's addition to the team was not by choice. Roy is not featured in the two sneak peeks. However, Felicity is, and she is having some trouble with Sara's addition. The first sneak peek shows the villain on the episode breaking in on her transmission with Oliver and Sara. The man uses this to direct Oliver to a train accident about to happen. The man does not know that Oliver is not alone.

The second sneak peek shows Felicity trying to fix the problem of their transmission being hacked. Diggle is there, and he tries to help her feel better. She feels like Sara will replace her on the team, and Diggle makes it clear that she is not going anywhere.

What do you think? Are you excited for this CW series to return? "Arrow" will continue to air on Wednesday nights on CW.

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