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'Arrow' 2x10 clips: Stephen Amell teases what's next for Oliver

"Arrow" is ready to return to CW, and now fans are being teased about what is coming up next for Oliver Queen. On Thursday, Jan. 9, Seriable shared both a sneak peek and a producer's preview for "Arrow" episode 2x10 titled "Blast Radius." The sneak peek for the episode features Stephen Amell and David Ramsey.

Oliver has been searching for the man in the skull mask for six weeks, and he hasn't been successful. Oliver definitely looks shaken over this during the sneak peek. Amell teased the following about Oliver's state of mind to TV Line:

Oliver is obsessed with whomever the guy in the skull mask is. Like, he’s losing his mind, freaking out because Mirakuru has a tie to the past for him. As we’re learning, all the stuff that happened on the island and [on the freighter] was not good. It was stuff that he thought he had buried in the past. So for it to crop back up again is not a good sign.

Andrew Kreisberg teases the second half of the season and the next episode in the producer's preview. He revealed that the villain for this week's episode is Shrapnel, but Slade's being alive and in Starling City is a big focus of the second half of the season. Everything from now until the end of the season will lead to Oliver battling his former friend in Starling City.

What do you think? Are you ready to see what's next for Oliver Queen? "Arrow" will return to CW on Wednesday night.

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