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Arrests made in the brutal killing of famous Kenya elephant Satao

Remembering the magnificent Satao brutally murdered for his tusks - rest in peace.
Remembering the magnificent Satao brutally murdered for his tusks - rest in peace.
Mark Muller

Known as the largest elephant at Tsavo National Park, with tusks that nearly touched the ground, Satao was killed on May 30 by poachers who then chopped off his magnificent tusks and mutilated his face. On Saturday, three suspects were arrested, in connection with the brutal killing reported The Star.

Kenya Wildlife Services spokesperson, Paul Muya, stated the suspects were tracked down by security personnel and are now being questioned at a nearby police station.

Elephant and rhino poaching continues to run rampant. Last week Kenya Wildlife Services reported setting up an ambush at Mbuyuni in Tsavo West National Park where three poachers were shot and killed after being ordered to lay down their weapons and surrender. One poacher escaped according to the Nairobian. Recovered was an aka.47 rifle and ten rounds of ammunition.

In response to the illegal ivory being sold in New York and New Jersey, both states have introduced and passed legislation banning the sale or purchase of ivory. The legislation also bans the sale or purchase of rhinoceros horns.

Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee Chair Robert Sweeney stated:

“This legislation will protect elephants, which are being lost to the world at an outrageous rate of 96 elephants a day, all to satisfy the vanity ivory market and to finance terrorism. The enactment of this bill recognizes the significant impact our state can have on clamping down on illegal ivory sales in order to save elephants from the ruthless poaching operations run by terrorists and organized crime."

In strong efforts to protect the remaining elephants, last week the Kenya Wildlife Services were presented with a specially adapted anti-poaching vehicle by Save the Elephants of Nairobi, Kenya:

"Kenya’s last remaining Great Tuskers received a boost today as Save the Elephants presented the Kenya Wildlife Service with a new Toyota Land Cruiser vehicle modified and equipped as an anti poaching vehicle dedicated to their defense. The vehicle was handed over to the Director of KWS at a ceremony at KWS Headquarters at 10am on Wednesday 18th June 2014. The donation was made possible by the Elephant Crisis Fund, and has been deployed with the help of the Tsavo Trust. The Kenya Wildlife Service have confirmed that the vehicle will be tasked with the defence of Tsavo's large elephants."

Click here and read the information on the Facebook page of the Tsavo Trust or their website by clicking here to learn what you can do to help these magnificent animals.

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