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Arresting Jimmy Dimora and Frank Russo does not signal the end of corruption

Last week residents of Cuyahoga County and Northeast Ohio learned  that the corrupted officials of Cuyahoga County were arrested by the law enforcements.  But, is it the end of corruption in Northeast Ohio? Absolutely  not! Corruption exists and will be present in Northeast Ohio  for many years to come unless the elected officials, business leaders,  scholars, and the whole community change their perspective of running this area.

Corruption will still exist in Northeast Ohio if voters keep electing the same people to run their cities over and over again. Corruption will still be here if teachers and professors keep passing the students on to the next level even though these students have not learned anything.  Corruption will still flourish if companies continue to  hire their employees based on the color of their skin or ethnic origin and not based on real expertise. Corruption will still suffocate us if the state schools and colleges hire their faculty based on their ideology and ethnicity. Corruption will still be the talk of the day if diversity and fair opportunities are only on paper and not a reality.  Let's hope Northeast Ohio residents win this battle against corruption.




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