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Arrested with $153,000: Suspect buying gold? $153,000 found in airport search

Arrested with $153,000: Suspect buying gold? $153,000 found in airport search
Arrested with $153,000: Suspect buying gold? $153,000 found in airport search
Wikimedia Commons, Photo File

A man arrested with $153,000 while trying to leave an airport in Nashville soon found that he got more than a quick flight home. The suspect, 33-year-old Conor Guckian, was stopped by police at the Nashville International Airport this week who found he was carrying thousands of dollars in likely illegal cash. An update on this news story reveals that Guckian claims he was flying out to California in the hopes of buying gold, and that drugs may have been involved in the acquisition of the money. shares the latest information on this unexpected search and seizure this Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2014.

The suspect arrested with $153,000 alleged that he was simply bringing a lot of cash via a private flight to California in order to buy gold, but authorities believe there was more to his story than Conor Guckian was letting on. Airport police formally arrested the man on Tuesday afternoon due to him being a “suspicious character,” having prepared $20,000 in cash so that he might board a personal jet flying from Nashville west to California.

The strange circumstances surrounding the flight spurred a mistrustful clerk to alert airport security of the 33-year-old. Upon the search, trained police sniffing dogs seemingly smelled narcotics on the man carrying — and soon arrested with $153,000 — hinting that the money may have been tainted as drug proceeds. Before Guckian could board the plane, officers detained him and discovered the bills wrapped in over 30 bundles, further suggesting that the cash was in fact drug money.

Guckian initially claimed that he wanted to buy the private jet from the Nashville airport in order to ensure the money would stay safe, and that he was simply intent on buying gold out west. However, continued the report, he eventually acknowledged that he had been arrested in the past on a cocaine charge, and the officers took him into custody on illegal money laundering charges.

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