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Arrested with $153,000: Man arrested with huge sum in suitcase, police dog aide

Arrested with $153,000: Man arrested with huge sum in suitcase, police dog aid
Arrested with $153,000: Man arrested with huge sum in suitcase, police dog aid
Wikimedia Commons, Photo Share

A man arrested with $153,000 is being charged with illicit laundering after a police aide dog at the airport sniffed narcotics within his suitcase. The man was taking a private plane and flying from Nashville to California when he was stopped at a local Tennessee airport carrying the huge sum. Additional information on the circumstances of the case or the man's identity remain unclear at the moment. Yahoo News shares the details on this story this Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014.

The suspect arrested with $153,000 had used over $20,000 in cash to help charter his own plane on his flight out to California. He was about to board when airport officers suddenly became aware that their airport police dog smelled something wrong. He was stopped, and officials found thousands of dollars stowed away within his suitcase, as well as trace evidence of narcotics.

A recently released police affidavit adds that the man is now being held on criminal laundering charges. The suspect is Conor Guckian, age 33, who was arrested on Monday night. In addition to the aid from the sharp-smelling police dog, officers had been watching the man as a “suspicious individual” following him using so much cash to charter his own plane flight out of the state.

According to the report on the man arrested with $153,000 on his person:

“A K-9 unit detected the drug odor on the bundles of money in Guckian's bag. The affidavit also showed that an officer then waited for Guckian to arrive to board the plane with the huge sum, where Guckian told officers he was transporting the large sum in order to buy gold in California. He consented to a second search and the second dog detected the narcotic odor on the cash, which was divided into 32 bundles secured with rubber bands, according to the affidavit.”

The way in which the U.S. currency was folded and arranged within the suitcase, amounting to over $153,000, was consistent with similar cases related to drug proceeds. Authorities announced that Guckian claimed he was chartering the plane so he could keep his cash safe, though it had been confirmed from his flight information that he had taken commercial jets from both Chicago and New York to Nashville.

The investigation into the laundering charges and any connection with drugs the male suspect and money may have is still underway.

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