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Arrested with $153,000: Dogs picked up more than the scent of money on man

Man arrested with $153,000 cash in Nashville Tuesday.
Man arrested with $153,000 cash in Nashville Tuesday.
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A man arrested with $153,000 in cash on him was sniffed out Tuesday by drug dogs. UPI reported Jan. 14 that the canines smelled more than the scent of money when a would-be passenger paid $20,000 in cash to board a private jet from Nashville to California. Red flags went up and an agent contacted police.

Authorities arrested Conor Guckian, 33, at Nashville International Airport on Tuesday when he was discovered carrying a large amount of cash. Guckian was met by police moments before he was about to board the private jet and they found money gathered in 32 bundles. Officers said the dogs smelled drugs on the money as well and Guckian was arrested with $153,000 and charged with money laundering. Guckian admitted that he has been arrested on cocaine charges in the past.

It is not a normal occurrence for anyone to carry that kind of money around. If they do, it is not the smartest thing to do, especially if they are trying to get away with something.. What gave this man away was paying for something that cost so much that another form of payment was typically the method used in the case of booking a flight on a private jet. The dogs confirmed that there was reason to be suspicious in an instance like this and that is why Guckian was arrested with $153,000 in his possession.