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Arrested with $153,000: Man arrested at Nashville Airport

Conor Gucklian
Conor Gucklian

Arrested with $153,000: Conor Gucklian, 33, was arrested with $153,000 at the Nashville International Airport trying to use a private jet to go from Tennessee to California, according to WebProNews on Tuesday.

Naturally, officials at the airport thought it was awkward that Gucklian wanted to pay for the use of the plane with $20,000 in cash. Police were alerted and then questioned the man. When questioned, he told police that he was carrying large amounts of cash because he had planned to buy gold in California.

While he claimed he was wanting to travel by private plane for his personal safety, the story didn’t add up because he had already flown on commercial airlines from Rochester, New York to Chicago, Illinois and then from Chicago to Nashville, Tennessee.

After consenting to a search, police summoned their K9s and the dogs reacted to a narcotics’ scent. That’s when the police searched further and found the $153,000 in cash in 32 bundles, wrapped in a way that drug money is often wrapped, according to the report.

Gucklian admitted to authorities that he had previously been arrested in New York for possession of cocaine. He is at the Davidson County Jail on $10,000 bond.