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Arrested with $153,000 cash: Man suspected of money laundering

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Arrested with $153,000, a man is suspected of money laundering by Nashville airport police. Conor Guckian, 33, was arrested and is being held on $10,000 bond. According to The Christian Science Monitor on Jan. 15, Guckian used $20,000 cash to charter a private plane from Nashville to California.

...(He) was arrested on money laundering charges after an airport police dog smelled narcotics on $153,000 stuffed into his suitcase, according to a police affidavit released Tuesday.

Guckian was arrested with $153,000 that was coated with a drug odor according to two different K-9 dogs. The cash was also wrapped with rubber bands in 32 bundles in a manner that is consistent with drug proceeds.

When questioned, the man arrested with $153,000 answered in a very suspicious way. First he claimed that he was flying to California to buy gold. Then he said that he was careful not to show balances over $10,000 in any of his bank accounts to avoid government detection. And finally he admitted to have been previously arrested in New York for cocaine possession.

As reported yesterday in, "Arrested with $153,000: Man nabbed when dogs smell drugs," he remains in jail.

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