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Arrested with $153,000 cash at airport: Man red flagged paying cash renting jet

Arrested with $153,000 at airport: Man pays for private jet with $20,000 cash and red flags fly.
Arrested with $153,000 at airport: Man pays for private jet with $20,000 cash and red flags fly.
Photo courtesy: Getty Images

A man arrested with $153,000 in cash at a Nashville Airport was red flagged after it was reported he used a large sum of cash to charter a jet. When a K-9 unit dog got a whiff of the money, it detected an odor of drugs. According to Reuters on Jan. 14, this technique was repeated with a second K-9 dog and the dog indicated the same thing.

Conor Guckian wasn’t having a good day on Monday as he demonstrated the behavior of someone who deals in large sales of drugs. The large sums of money were bound in elastic bands in denominations consistent with drug dealers.

Guckian told police he was taking the cash to California to buy gold as an investment. Because he was carrying such a large sum he felt that a private jet would be safer. Considering he had just gotten off a commercial jet, this didn’t hold water with police.

It is still unclear where Guckian calls home, but he did say he flew to Nashville to see a friend. He later told police he flew to Nashville because the flights were “cheaper.” This coming from a man who just handed over $20,000 in cash to charter a private jet raised another flag.

His rap sheet shows that he’s been arrested previously in New York for possession for resale of cocaine. He was still in jail today held on a $10,000 bond.

The police did a great job at finding this criminal, but the scary part about this story is that he was labeled as "suspicious person" for using a large sum of cash. What if it was someone who was moving to California and taking their life-savings that they had stuffed under a mattress with them?

The dogs detected an "odor" of drugs, but no drugs were found. There doesn't seem to be any alternative explanation for this man. Again, if he was a criminal they did a great job at arresting him, but it is still scary for the average Joe on the street. In the day of age of plastic money, using large sums of cash does spark suspicion, but it is just cash, not anything illegal. What do you think?

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