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Arrested Tow Truck Driver Stole Storm Abandoned Cars From Atlanta Highways

Atlanta Ice Storm cars that were abandoned were stolen by tow truck driver
Atlanta Ice Storm cars that were abandoned were stolen by tow truck driver
photo Credit - My Fox Atlanta

During the recent fierce snow storm that stranded thousands of Atlanta area drivers, there was one person banking on their unfortunate predicament. According to Fox News, police are accusing a 34-year-old tow truck driver of stealing cars that were abandoned by helpless Atlanta area drivers during the ice and snow weather.

Unfortunately there will always be a number of bottom feeders who will take advantage of people after a natural disaster by rifling through homes after a tornado or hurricane or even flood. It appears according to police, Police said Louis Mitchell Jr. who was arrested for the theft certainly fits the bill.

The theft which police have arrested Mitchell for adds insult to injury, considering that thousands of drivers were trapped in their vehicles for countless hours, and had to abandon them in order to seek safe shelter.

Tow trucks which should have identifiable markings on them did not appear to be present on the truck that the accused auto theft artist was driving. According to Fox News, Sgt. Greg Lyon of the Atlanta Police Department informed the Atlanta Constitution that Mitchell fled in the tow truck when the police made an attempt to stop him. They eventually tracked him down by using a K-9 Unit.

Based upon the police investigation, Mitchell stole the tow truck and then used the truck to steal five cars on Thursday, reported WSBTV. He then deposited them at a local home and, “paid residents to help store the cars in the backyard.”

Mitchell who if convicted will have quite a long time to thaw out from the past ice storm and many more to come for his alleged morally corrupt deeds. Sgt. Greg Lyon comments line up. “Couldn’t ask for a worse time to try to prey on people,” said Sgt. Greg Lyon, according to Fox News.

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