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Arrested Development’s Eshe discusses how faith has driven her solo career

Eshe So Gone Cover Art
Eshe So Gone Cover Art
Courtesy of Eshe, Inc. / Photo: Nathan Stoan / Graphics; Reiko Clark

Arrested Development’s Eshe recently shared how faith has been a major factor in molding her into who she is as an artist. In a recent interview on Cullen’s Corner, Eshe opened up and shared with the listeners how she would not be where she is if faith hadn’t been a part of her life. "It's been a journey and I believe in myself. Many labels have told me they weren't sure how to categorize me and as an artist, you never like being put in a box. I then decided to take the bull by the horn and do this myself," said Eshe. "When it came time for me to leave Arrested Development God prepared me prior to leaving and I stepped out on faith."

Eshe is currently busy promoting her latest single and music video, “So Gone.” “My solo project has been a labor of love. God has positioned me and placed people around me that believe in me. It's the law of reciprocity. I believe in them, if they sow into me I sow into them. I believe we have to help one another and submit to one another,” said Eshe. "I only want God to get the credit."

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