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Arrest made in 'knockout game' attack on disabled man in Florida

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On Friday, police in Jacksonville arrested Kevin Kejuan Johnson, 16, for the Feb. 4 attack on a disabled man at a Hess gas station on Merrill Road.

Johnson, along with a group of black teens approached the man while he was pumping gas, and sucker-punched him in the face, according to police.

Investigators with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office were able to identify Johnson after obtaining surveillance video from a nearby store.

Johnson's cellphone contains several videos of 'knockout game' attacks, said investigators.

The victim, Michael Caraway, has been disabled for several years and requires the use of a cane to walk. He was leaning on that cane the night the gang of at least four teens descended upon him.

Caraway told News 4 Jax:

I'm doing better, just taking things one day at a time," said Caraway. "My wife and children are way more cautious than what we've been."

"We would never expect it to happen to me and it did. So now we're saying it can happen, so I tell my daughters be on their best behavior, looking out for people," said Caraway. "They go in pairs now; my daughter does not like to go out by herself anymore since this happened."

Johnson has been charged with abuse of a disabled adult, a felony, and is currently being held without bond.

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