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Arrest in dismembered body found on Long Island

It was a crime that recently shocked Long Islanders, when the dismembered body parts of a young woman were found in several towns across two counties.

Now, a woman from Brooklyn has been charged with the murder of a young mother from Brooklyn, whose remains have since been identified as being found on Long Island. The accused woman is believed to be the deceased woman's landlord. The two had previously argued about rent, which is believed to be a motive. The victim in this case had been missing since earlier in the month.

It sounded like the beginning of a horror film, when news of the crime first broke out about a week ago. A homeowner in Hempstead, Long Island found a plastic garbage bag, which contained a severed human head. The body part had been in the yard for about a week, and had started to smell badly.

Several days before the chilling discovery, other severed human remains were found in the Suffolk County town of Bay Shore, located 25 miles east of Hempstead. The discoveries led to a massive police investigation across both Nassau and Suffolk Counties. The two discoveries were later found to be connected, as the remains located in Bay Shore were missing arms and the head. The victim in the case had been missing since earlier this month.

While Long Island has had its share of disturbing crimes, it is nevertheless chilling to hear about such a crime happening. Perhaps most unexpected in this case is that a woman has been arrested. While women are certainly capable of murder, it is even more shocking when a woman is accused of a crime that is alleged to be brutal in its nature.

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