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Around the world with Reys

Unique signage at Reys
Unique signage at Reys
Jeannine Smith

Decades ago, the space occupied by Reys used to house a jewelry store. Rummaging around in the basement led to a discovery of the former store's unique signage which Reys has put to great use beckoning thirsty folks in from the sidewalk. In fact, near the relaxing space where you can lounge on a couch while sipping refreshing beverages rests a historical picture of Reys where one can see not only the discovered signage but also a clock above the storefront. While at the bar, look above and you'll find that enormous clock showing the time as it was in that picture - 5:23. Not only does Reys capitalize on its downtown Greenville history but it deftly shares a desire of the arts. A large old world mural is painted directly across from the bar quoting Hippocrates: "Ars longa vita brevis," which roughly translates to "art is long, life is short." With many enlarged historical downtown Greenville photos hanging throughout the bar plus the mural, Reys allows you to enjoy their surroundings while offering up a trendy menu and plenty of drink options.

Just this month, a new menu concept was unveiled paralleling the world theme. Called "Around the World Burgers," patrons can select a world themed hamburger depending on where they yearn to be or possibly even hail from. With well over 75 bottled beers from abundant around the world spots, Reys expertly handles anyone's desire for a refreshing and extraordinary choice of beer to balance their worldly dining experience. A separate menu for a batch of martinis plus over a dozen choices for various red and white wines along with a full bar selection of liquors evens out all your wishful tastes.

In addition to the main bar area, an array of pub and regular tables are available along with a rest-your-drink bar should you choose not to sit. Further, while visiting the spacious bathrooms, glance at the former jewelry vault currently housing the wine bottles. If that's not enough to pique your interest, all the way in the back sits an area perfect for accommodating a large group to entertain a special get-together.

Lastly, the weeknight specials are incredible:

On Taco Tuesday, grab a $4 drink and receive two top-your-own soft tacos. On Wednesdays, be kind to your budget with $2 Bud Light drafts. These are just a few of the numerous specials available each day of the week including their always infamous "Home of the $4 Irish Car Bombs!"

For more info: Reys 20 North Main St. Greenville (864) 236-7400‎
Centrally located near the Piazza Bergamo, near the intersection of North Main Street and Coffee Street.


  • Joan Cornine 5 years ago

    Good article, Jeannine! Especially liked the little bit of history!

  • Holly 5 years ago

    Love your point of view and discriptions...keep them coming!

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