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Around the world and back with London's own Joel Compass

Joel Compass
Joel Compass

Joel Compass has been around the world and back to his hometown of Penge, South London. His music is slowly making its way to the states now and in my opinion, this time next year he will be a household name. An EP entitled The Astronaut was released last year and nothing but positive appreciation has been received.

Now he is about to hit the road for some festivals, continue collaborating with artists like he has with rapper Pusha T and plans on making a major impact in the music industry worldwide. Listen to his latest single Forgive Me available now on iTunes. The kid is going places. Read my interview with the singer and don't miss the Joel Compass express.

Where did you grow up?
Penge, South London.

What music was played in your household as a kid?
Pink Floyd, Maxwell, Aphex Twins, Lemon Jelly, Jamariquai etc

Who are you currently inspired by musically/artistically?
Aphex Twins, Pink Floyd, Drake, Jhene Aiko and Kanye.

When was the first time you sang in front of a crowd?
When I was 15, at a beatbox competition, performing Genuwine - Pony

The Astronaut EP came out last year. Have you been pleased with the feedback you have received so far?
I have only read good reviews on 'Astronaut' so Im definitely pleased with the feedback, theres been a lot of love.

Are you currently touring right now?
No, but I have a live Headline show coming up this month, on April 29th at XOYO London. Im playing a load of festivals this summer to, Wireless, Lovebox, Glastonbury, Bestival and Secret garden.

How did you link up with GOOD Music and Pusha T for his feature on ‘Run’?
I just asked my labell if they could find a rapper for Run and they came back with Push, It was crazy because, he hadn't really done and features with anyone from london, but I could relate to the track.

What can you tell us about your debut album?
Its going to be a broad spectrum of sound, that sums up not only what I do as an artist, but as a producer to.

Your soundcloud is currently filled with Remixes to your most popular songs. Where did they all come from? Which have you grown most fond of if you had to choose just one?
We just sent out parts to people we thought were hot and these are what came back, my favourite would have to be Huxley's remix of Fucked Up.

I notice you are well-respected within the music industry. Who are you hoping to collaborate with or are already working with in 2014?
I've already done some stuff we some of the people I really rate, i.e Twigs, Starsmith, Linden Jay etc .. but although I produce my own music, I want to work with a load of producers, from Katraynada to Mr Carmack.

A lot of artists are only concerned with being popular, famous or rich. What are your motives with your music?
If anyone said, 'ah I just love music', they'd be lying, becuase they could just sit at home and make music for the rest of their lives if they wanted to, the music is just one part of this complex career. I was about to go to university and study Medicine, before signing, I've spent years working on certain projects, i.e trying to cure certain illness's and more money will help, all I want is the house that Will Smith lives in, in I am Legend, with the laboratory downstairs so can carry on working, also a huge studio to work with who ever I want to in. Ive never had money and definitely never been famous, those things, are both the aftermath of success.

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