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Aromatic wines and spirits with Aermate

Wine and spirits aerator, Aermate
Wine and spirits aerator, Aermate

Wine, and many spirits, can benefit from aeration. Aeration is the process of adding air to a liquid. For a wine or a spirit, the aeration can open and release the full flavor of the beverage. A new way of aeration is Aermate.

Aermate, wine and spirits aerator

Aermate is the aerator that allows the user to choose how much aeration takes place. This device is divided into three parts, the quick action one way pump, food grade stainless steel stem, and a Microbubble Tip, which disperses fine air bubbles.

Aermate is a wine and spirit aerator that uses a Microbubble tip. The Microbubble tip atomizes air and gently diffuses oxygen into the beverage. A simple pump creates hundreds of tiny bubbles into the beverage. The aeration process is faster and more efficient.

Unlike other aerators, the Aermate can introduce more or less air into a glass or bottle depending on individual tastes. Other aerators treat all wines or spirits the same way. With the Aermate, the amount of aeration can be changed depending on the age of the wine, the varietal, or preference.

Using this aerator is simple and easy to use. Either insert the device into a bottle or glass and squeeze the pump. There is no waiting for wine to breathe in a decanter. There is no spillage from holding the device over a glass. In a moment, the wine's tannins are softened, which produced a smoother finish.

Aermate can be purchased, Binny's and many other retailers. It retails for approximately $35.00.