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Aromatherapy for wellness

Essential oils.
Essential oils.

Everyone knows about one or two scents that have positive effects when experienced such as lavender for relaxation and orange zest for energy. These popular scents are just the beginning in the world of aromatherapy. Many lesser known essential oils are even more effective at combating the daily grind. Fennel seeds have the effect of reducing cravings and pine needles can refresh the mind and rejuvenate the body by relieving sore muscles. There are hundreds of essential oils and all of them have been found to have an effect on the body. Many manufacturers are using essential oils in products like body wash, lotions and even handy roll-on applicators making it even easier to implement aromatherapy into your regular health routine.

Aromatherapy has been documented as far back as the ancient Egyptians who used essential oils for massage, medicine, and even makeup. Modern day aroma therapy practitioner’s normally work in health spas and alternative medicine offices. As with any health provider the more information they have about you the more accurate and helpful the treatment will be. There are two application methods through inhalation and from topical contact with the skin. Essential oils are so effective because of the tiny molecules that they are composed of. They make it easier for the skin and lungs to absorb them, allowing them to be quickly circulated into the blood stream ensuring almost immediate results.


Good food smells can invoke you to suddenly have a craving, so why not use the bodies’ natural reaction to scents in a way that is helpful. Aromatherapy is not a miracle by any means, but research has shown it to have positive results on the temperament and when used for pain relief. Essential oils are an easy and accessible way to alter your mood without resorting to prescription medications. Many local stores offer essential oils, just ensure that they are 100 percent natural with no perfume added before using.

Stores that carry essential oils.

Whole Foods

Natures Pantry


Bath and Body Works

Most grocery stores though the seletion may be limited