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Aromatherapy for chakras: third eye chakra recipes

The third eye chakra is the center of self image, body image and gender identity (possibility).
The third eye chakra is the center of self image, body image and gender identity (possibility).

by Rhonda Kuykendall-Jabari

This article is part of a series exploring aromatherapy and essential oil recipes that address emotional issues related to specific chakras.

The recipes throughout this series appear in The Aromatherapy Recipe Handbook by noted bioesthetician and aromatherapist, Francoise Rapp. Click here to join her Facebook community page.

The third eye chakra is located in the center of the forehead.  It develops from 8 1/2 to 14 years of age and contains feelings about body image, self image, gender identity and plans for the future.  This chakra is the center of intuition and has a great deal to do with inner peace and open or narrow mindedness.

When the third eye chakra is out of balance we may feel impractical, fearful, uncertain, unsettled or fatigued.

Trusting Your Intuition

  • 4 drops juniper
  • 4 drops lavender
  • 4 drops St. John's wort

Narrow Mindedness

  • 7 drops sandalwood
  • 6 drops juniper
  • 5 drops sage

Spiritual Connection

  • 5 drops patchouli
  • 5 drops frankincense
  • 5 drops sandalwood

Inner Peace (Meditation I)

  • 6 drops frankincense
  • 6 drops sandalwood
  • 3 drops Rose otto

Inner Peace (Meditation II)

  • 6 drops frankincense
  • 6 drops St. John's wort
  • 3 drops jasmine

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  • Carolyn 4 years ago

    Great article Rhonda. Thank you for the shout out. The chakras are very vital to our emotional, physical and spiritual health. Thank you for putting out this information!

  • Brenda H. 4 years ago

    Thanks for the information about the Agape Wellness Festival. I didn't know about it.

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