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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Gold's Gym video goes viral with 6 million views (video)

Seen Arnold Schwarzenegger in a gym over the past couple of months? It's actually a possibility as fans have been introduced to an undercover manager at Gold's Gym in a new viral video. The former California Governor added a fake mustache and called himself “Howard” as he went around the gym giving advice and talking to customers. According to CNN on Thursday it was all for a good cause as Schwarzenegger participated in support the After-School All-Stars program. The video of the time in the gym has gone viral and people are laughing about the antics of the star.

Unfortunately most of those unsuspecting gym folks didn’t even recognize they were part of the moment. While the effort was to raise awareness for both health and fitness as well as the program, the California residents looked very busy focused on their own health.

Will Arnold Schwarzenegger be visiting other gyms in the near future? There is no indication that the former governor will be taking his cameras out on the road for another viral video, but if you see anyone with a strange mustache that looks fairly similar to the actor, suggest he recite a famous line from a movie and make a judgment call from there!

Take a look at the video clip of Arnold Schwarzenegger working at Gold's Gym. This viral video has been seen over a six million times by fans around the world. Most people can’t believe California residents didn't even recognize him!

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