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Arnetta Murrill-Crooms interview: Singer sets out on own with debut album

The singer offers songs of encouragement on debut album
The singer offers songs of encouragement on debut album
Arnetta Murrill Crooms

Arnetta Murrill-Crooms stayed comfortably in the background for a while as a member Donald Lawrence and the Tri-City Singers. Many long-time fans will remember her lead vocal on such hits as “In The Presence of A King” and “Love the Hurt Away.” Last year Murrill-Crooms stepped out her own with her self-titled debut album and delivered an album filled with songs of encouragement.

As she gears up for her performance at On Deck Sundays with Holla Wolla this Sunday, May 4 in Silver Spring, Md., Murrill-Crooms took some time to talk with the DC Gospel Music Examiner about her new album and what fans can .expect on Sundays.

Tell me about your debut project.
If I were to give it a name I would just call it “The Process,” because it was a process that God had to prepare me for. He knew that he had to cut through some personal barriers that had stifled me for many years. My heart was willing, but I just lacked the courage I didn’t want to be out here by myself. I just got comfortable like so many of us do, we get so comfortable in things that God has designed for us to do but when it’s time to go to the next level. Who God calls He qualifies, He justified. He began to really coach me, He became as a spiritual life coach for me.

Murrill-Crooms is a Certified Life Coach and she sees how that profession and her music go hand in hand.
I want to help those in the trenches those who are fighting obstacles. The songs that I sing, I want them to really be songs that will really touch the heart of people where they are and bring them to where they’d like to be. I feel like all my life I’ve been ministering. I believe God has brought me at this time in my life to minister to specific types of people, who’ve been hurting, bound and really been afraid to step out into their true calling. Sometimes you just need a little push. I believe God has empowered me to be able to encourage others along the way. There are so many people having secret battles and if they just had somebody that they could identify with. Songs very much suitable for those types of people.

Murrill-Croom’s album is filled with songs that due just that, including the lead single “I Am God.”
It’s a song that I did many years ago that I really wanted to bring back to this new generation so that they can understand that the same God that worked years ago for the Israelites is still operative today and he’s able to fight our battles. There are so many dimensions and sides to God I wanted my music to really reflect him.

How did it feel when you first stepped out on his own?
Everything inside of me felt so relieved because I knew that it was purposed, it wasn’t so much about me wanting to make a record I wasn’t about that all because I struggled with that in didn’t want to do that. It was about stepping into the position that God had designed for me before I was even born. It felt like I had awakened to the call.

What can we expect from you on Sunday?
I’m definitely going to bring a song that I know that Holla Wolla just loves. It’s called “Try It Again” because everything about me is about encouraging and bringing people out of their pits and struggles, helping them by the grace of God. So the song “Try It Again” is about just letting people know that whatever God has purposed in your life, you began this before and all of a sudden stopped because things didn’t go the way you thought they would or fear is creeping in. The spirit of inadequacy has come upon you and you just never did it anymore and the devil is whipping you, making you really feel horrible about it. I just want to encourage those people to get back in there and try it again, because what God’s spoken over your life it will prevail his word will never return void but it will prosper that which is pleased.

The debut album, “Arnetta Murrill-Crooms” is available at all digital media outlets. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram (arnetta_murrillc) and Twitter (@arnettamurrillc)

Admission to On Deck Sundays with Holla Wolla Gospel Brunch is $40. Society Restaurant and Lounge is located at 8229 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, Md. 20910.

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