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Arnaud's Offers a Piece of New Orleans History with Fabulous Food

What's worthy of applauds? Dinner in New Orleans at Arnaud's. It's like food from the Gods.

Fresh green asparagus with hollandaise sauce is delicious.
Fresh green asparagus with hollandaise sauce is delicious.
Marisa L. Williams, Thorisaz Views
Warm, crusty bread, with a cloud-like soft center, welcomes you at Arnaud's.
Marisa L. Williams

Bust out the fancy dress, as this is a place to impress, so good, you'll want to eat 'til excess.

Whether going the the Jazz Bistro to be delighted by a maestro while sipping on bordeaux,

gathering with friends, at a meeting jotting notes with pens, this historic restaurant lends

itself to a certain cachet. Music inspires a sashay. This is a gem in the French Quarter cache.

Try an airily whipped and fried potato, eat the puffy top from escarot, and order a glass of merlot.

Don't worry precious head about the crumbs from your bread; there's people to get wipe that instead.

Order a New Orleans sazerak, with bitters to make your lips smack; it should help cure any flak.

Try some delectable seafood gumbo, with shrimp that are jumbo, or a surf and turf combo.

You can have it any way. Try crab and hollandaise on top your filet. Treat yourself on a rainy day.

Have some of the oysters they shuck, or enjoy blueberries with duck, so good you'll be left starstruck.

Their making of the cafe brulot is quite the table show, a lengthening orange peel with flames aglow.

Adding on a golden crab cake is never a mistake, as the jumbo lump crab will make your mouth quake.

Steaks that are angus, fresh green asparagus, perfectly prepared food slides down your esophagus.

How will you know what to order for dessert though? Just the thought makes the saliva flow.

Do you want a chocolate escape, a caramel drizzled crepe or bread pudding with a rum drape?

Traditional pecan pie may make you sigh, but bananas fosters shoots up flames pretty high.

Finish with a glass of Pernod, or wine from your favorite chateau, but believe me, you'll want to go.

It's good enough for a President, or the local resident, with flavors that are not by accident.

This restaurant has carried on for years, celebrating many cheers with clinks of wine and beers.

Keeping with tradition from long ago, it is well worth the dough, and will leave you saying, “whoa!”

For more information, go to Marisa Williams is the author of more than 100 books; she received her Master's in Writing from the Johns Hopkins University. For more by Marisa, visit and

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