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Army War College to investigate Sen. Walsh plagiarism claims

The Army War College promised yesterday that the institution would thoroughly investigate the New York Times report that Sen. John Walsh (D-MT) plagiarized large sections of his 2007 master's thesis and may repudiate recognition of his graduate credentials, possibly dealing another blow to the senator’s already dim reelection prospects.

Responding swiftly to the controversy, the school will assemble an audit board while giving Walsh an opportunity to submit counterevidence and mount a defense of his work, as per a War College explanation to a Montana news station. Once the board completes its internal investigation, the college's deputy commandant will chose whether or not to allow Walsh to retain his master's degree.

"We hold our students responsible for academic integrity. Then and now, we trust them to uphold high standards of academic integrity unless there is reason to believe otherwise," Army War College representative Carol Kerr declared in the school's announcement.

As indicated by Times's explosive expose, Walsh is believed to have copied substantial sections of his graduation paper from a source without attribution, quotation, or credit.

Asked by reporters to confirm or deny the damaging charges, Walsh lamely responded only that he "didn’t do anything intentional here."

A friendly associate of Walsh explained that the senator was managing debilitating mental health issues like post-traumatic stress disorder when writing the paper — a colleague in his Army unit is said to have killed himself a fortnight prior to the thesis's due date.

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