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Army veteran beaten in Westland, Mich. lied to police

Army veteran beaten in Westland, Mich. lied to police
Army veteran beaten in Westland, Mich. lied to police
Getty Images/released to Examiner

After an all-out search for the men who savagely beat a 25-year-old Army veteran last week, it was learned today that Adam Wagner lied about the incident.

The three men arrested in the case have already been released by police.

Allegedly, Wagner was attacked and beaten outside of a 7-11 store last Thursday, in Westland by men who taunted him about his military service.

The story went viral on the internet and there was outrage across the United States.

Today however, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said:

“Wagner was the largest man and he began the fight by striking the smallest of the three men. You cannot...start a fight, and when others disengage, track the people down to continue the fight and then claim that you were the victim”.

Originally, Adam Wagner said he tried to stop three men from harassing a clerk inside the convenience store and then was severely beaten while the men harassed him about the military.

Police reports indicate the realty was much different than Wagner reported.

Apparently, the smallest of the three men fled on foot after the altercation began; the other two weren’t far behind.

Instead of calling it a night, according to the county prosecutor...

“Wagner…continued to pursue them for over a half mile on foot while the two men tried to hide from him.”

After finding himself on the losing end of the resulting fistfight, Wagner went to police with his concocted story.

The prosecutor stated there would be no charges filed against Wagner.

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