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Army Leader To Run For Egyptian Presidency

Army Leader To Run For Egyptian Presidency
Army Leader To Run For Egyptian Presidency

Abdel-Fattah El-Sissi is the Egyptian military chief who helped oust ex-President Morsi from office last summer. Since then he has been the country's most powerful figure. Seriously, this one is a no brainer. He is already favored to win the election. Since last July he, the rest of the military, and the police have been rounding up the Muslim Brotherhood. Any time there was a demonstration rioting, bloodshed, and murder took place. The military shot and killed hundreds of the Brotherhood over the past few months.

Morsi was duly elected but his mistake was to bring the Muslim Brotherhood into the duties of governing the country. This upset the Army and the population of Egypt. When Morsi was asked to step down from office last summer and he didn't, he was arrested and is set to go on trial.

Just recently some 530 Brotherhood members were sentenced to death. With the possibility of more trials to come it looks like the interim government will clean house by the time elections begin You see the trials are only two sessions long and the defense is not allowed rebuttal. So the trials go quickly.

Egypt has already been making overtones to Russia for help when the United States declined to pay out any more money after the fall of Morsi.

What's even worse is that with the possible election of El-Sissi you can scratch away any of the recent past and Egypt's attempt at a Democracy. With military rule, Egypt will fall back to the good old days when it ran things and nothing was done for the people.

Now El-Sissi will have to resign from the military to run for office, but with his background and reputation this is nothing more than a farce. Freedoms that the Egyptians have enjoyed for some time will now go by the wayside.

This is one election that no one has to watch or even participate in. El-Sissi will probably win by a landslide.