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Army disqualifies 588 soldiers: Cleaning up 'positions of trust' in military

Army disqualifies 588 soldiers after Pentagon review.
Army disqualifies 588 soldiers after Pentagon review.
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In the breaking headline that Army Disqualifies 588 Soldiers, it falls heavily on what investigators learned after a Pentagon-ordered review. The investigation shed light on "past infractions including sexual assault, child molestation, and drunk driving, Time reported Feb. 26.

The action of disqualifying so many soldiers is unsettling simply due to what it signifies...and the fact that the number is reportedly 10 times more than what the Army first discovered before the review. Over 20,000 records were examined and the number went from disqualifying 55 service personnel to 588 of them. It is unknown how many were either reassigned to other duties or discharged from service. This probe called for military brass to clean up those who violated the standards of working in "positions of trust."

Sexual assault has been problematic in the military and it has only been in the last few years that it has gained the publicity that it has. Between 2010 and 2012, unwanted sexual contact had risen to 35 percent.

“We will continue working to better ensure we select the very best people for these posts, and that the chain of command knows what is expected of them, and how important this work is to the Army,” Army spokesman Col. David Patterson said in a statement.

A large number of sexual assaults go unreported and part of this overhaul of disqualifying the soldiers is to replace them with more trustworthy individuals that will help reduce sexual assaults in the Army.

There is no room for such conduct in America's military. It is about time this issue is addressed seriously and full action is taken. If the Army disqualifies 588 soldiers after taking a harder look at past incidents that were mishandled, then other branches of the military will likely soon follow their lead.

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