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Army disqualifies 588 soldiers after expanded 'positions of trust' review

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The United States Army has disqualified 588 soliders from their various roles after a massive sexual assault review. USA Today shared the details on Feb. 26.

The move affects hundreds of soldiers who had been in “positions of trust” and their infractions cover a range of issues from drunk driving to child abuse to sexual assault. Last summer Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel had ordered a review for soldiers in sensitive positions. The news that the Army disqualified 588 soldiers in this review discloses a number much higher than what had originally been indicated after the initial review.

The records of some 20,000 soldiers were reviewed in the effort. Hagel ordered the review after a Pentagon study unveiled a serious and disconcerting rise over the past few years in unwanted sexual contact incidents. At this time there are not details regarding how many of the affected soldiers have been reassigned or removed from the service.

Those in charge continue to push for reform to ensure the sexual assault issues are recognized and reduced. The news that the Army disqualified 588 soldiers after the review comes as a shocking result, but many applaud the effort to take the issue seriously.