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Army Criminal Command actively searching for person connected to missing Soldier

Pvt. Juliet
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Just moments ago, this Examiner was notified by the mother of Pvt. Juliet Striped Wolf, a missing Fort Bragg Soldier, that the Army’s Criminal Investigation Command is now actively searching for a "person of interest" allegedly connected to the young Soldier’s disappearance. Of note, the mother did not mention that the military was actively searching for her daughter in the communication.

Amanda Cardone, Pvt. Striped Wolf’s girlfriend, is said to have an extensive police record. Authorities have reason to believe the two women are together somewhere in Florida.

Striped Wolf, stationed at Fort Bragg, N.C., failed to report for duty July 1. The Army has listed her as AWOL, absent without official leave. Apparently, the Army had no reason to believe their Soldier was in any danger since they did not contact the Fayetteville Police to report her missing.

The reluctance of the Army in Pvt. Striped Wolf’s case is in sharp contrast to a case two years ago of another missing Fort Bragg Soldier, Pvt. Kelli Bordeaux, who failed to report for duty one Monday morning. She was immediately reported as missing and law enforcement and private citizens formed massive search parties. Her remains were not found until May of this year.

Only after Juliet’s mother, Janel Striped Wolf repeatedly contacted the military and local law enforcement was she able to have her daughter listed as officially missing just two days ago. Ms. Striped Wolf says she has reason to believe her daughter could very well be in harm’s way.

One Army major, not connected with this case, says the military typically doesn’t expend many resources, in terms of personnel or money on AWOL Soldiers, because sooner or later, the Soldier will resurface. The Army will then take over on legal actions.

News reports have not mentioned that Amanda Cardone is in the military.

Anyone with information regarding Amanda Cardone or Pvt. Juliet Striped Wolf should contact the Fayetteville Police Department at 910-433-1529.

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