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Armored truck crashes: Money flying in truck crash, would you pocket the cash?

An armored truck crash in Rhode Island drew a crowd. Some came to see if those involved in the crash needed assistance, other rubberneckers came to just see. And a handful -- police have not indicated how many -- were energized over the bags of money strewn about the highway and just couldn't keep their sticky fingers off the jettisoned loot.

A truck operated by GardaWorld security flipped over on Saturday just after 2 p.m., dumping cash in clear plastic bags and throwing white duffel bags of money and coins on Highway 10 in Cranston. Two men suffered minor injuries.

Deputy Fire Chief Paul Valletta Jr. said investigators are unsure just how much cash may have been lost. "There were bags of money all over the place," Valletta said. "There were quite a few people here."

Police said the truck was not involved with any other vehicles; the driver of the truck lost control near the Reservoir Avenue overpass, skidded to the right and flipped over. The truck settled off the road facing the wrong way. Two heavy duty tow trucks were used to pull the armored vehicle upright.

Writes CBS News: "As state police watched, money was transferred to a second Garda truck that was called in. Several State Troopers could be seen picking up rolls of coins from the area around the truck afterwards, reports CBS affiliate WPRI in Providence."

If GardaWorld sounds familiar to you, it may be because the armored truck has a reputation for being a little neglectful when it comes to keeping the cash inside of their trucks. Last month, after making a pickup at the Revel Casino in Atlantic City, a bag of money with $21,000 was left on top of the truck and ultimately fell off as they drove away. It was never recovered.

As the video showed, The Associated Press asked individuals what they would do if they came upon the above situation. Sadly, some of them were quite brazen about the fact they would grab the cash and skedaddle. Would you?

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