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Armor City Doors

We can easily be lulled into a false sense of security if we’ve never experienced a home burglary. Casual thoughts of “That only happens to other people” can switch to the reality of “I never thought it would happen to me!” in the blink of an eye.

Peace of Mind That's Real, Reinforced by Steel
Armor City Doors
Peace of Mind That's Real, Reinforced by Steel
Armor City Doors

Jenneye Shugar often witnessed this emotional transition while working as a locksmith for a large company in Houston. After opening her own business, the steady stream of calls to repair or replace damaged doors from a kick-in burglary made her realize that a solution was urgently needed to prevent both initial and recurring burglaries. She learned about a hardware system that secures a door frame, making it impenetrable. Melding her background as a mechanical engineer with her altruistic nature and entrepreneurial spirit, Jenneye took her company to the next level.

Armor City Doors brings to its customers "Peace of Mind That's Real, Reinforced by Steel”. That’s powerful! Instead of being barricaded in your house to protect your family and possessions, a beautiful door from the Armor City Doors collection will do the job for you, or they can retrofit your existing door with an armor package. There are even options to protect glass doors. A free Security Consultation and in-home inspection will help you determine where to focus attention to make your home as safe as possible – placement of alarm sensors, exterior lighting, windows, doors, landscaping. You want to protect your surroundings as well as your home. The best strategy is to have everything working together.

Replacement doors are built right here in Houston. The door designer website allows you to make the perfect style selection, including decorative glass. Armor City Doors measures your door opening and consults with the factory regarding your selections to ensure a perfect fit. Jenneye describes her installers as artisans and ensures you'll be thrilled with their professionalism and service.

If you relish bona fide Customer Service, you’ll appreciate Jenneye Shugar’s heartfelt attitude … “I love knowing when I leave a customer's home, they are much safer than before I arrived, and I also love the people I get to meet along the way that have become friends too.” Safety. Security. Trust. It doesn’t get any better than that. Armor City Doors has plenty of satisfied customers to prove it. You want to be one of them.

Jenneye Shugar, Owner
Phone: 713-487-5539
10134 Hammerly Blvd., #167n
Houston, TX 77080