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Armed man blocked by hero is disarmed and deadly gun fire and deaths prevented

In the movies and in comic books heroes where capes and they have super powers, but in real life heroes are those that act upon a moment’s notice when life or death matters. According to the Blaze, Eric Wasson was the hero who stood between a gunman and the lives of those who could have perished in a hail of bullets at the St. Paul, Minnesota bar.

Eric Wasson protects customers from armed gunman and disarms him
photo credit - You Tube

When Wasson’s fellow security guard saw something ominous on the surveillance camera at Johnny’s Baby’s Bar, her eyes narrowed and she did not look back as she fled away from the man who was entering the establishment with a gun.

Instead of fleeing as his fellow guard had done, the guard-bouncer took the type of heroic action that gained him the “Chief’s Award of Valor” that he received. According to the Blaze, his first instinct was to protect the 150 people who were inside the bar. “I can’t run…I have to do something,” Wasson explained to the St. Paul Pioneer Press, reported the Blaze.

When the gunman refused to calm down, the bar’s protector went into action and rushed toward the man who was able to get off two shots as the heroic bouncer continued to wrestle him and eventually disarmed the gunman.
For his noble actions, Wasson was awarded the “Chief’s Award for Valor” by the St. Paul Police at an award ceremony. This is the highest award that a St. Paul citizen can receive from the city’s police department.

At the Wednesday ceremony, Chief Thomas Smith was quite sincere as he stated, "Mr. Wasson, you were indeed a hero that evening. We don’t know what that suspect may have done if he was allowed inside of the bar,” reported the Blaze.

The chief also stressed to his children who were in attendance just how wonderful their dad was by saying, “Be very proud of your daddy,said the Blaze.

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