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Armed America Radio to challenge Bloomberg group's data

AAR host Mark Walters promises a blistering program tonight challenging the claim that 74 school shootings have occurred since Newtown.
Courtesy AAR and Howard Communications

Three days after the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms blasted Michael Bloomberg’s so-called “grassroots” organization, calling it “Every Liar for Gun Safety,” tonight’s Father's Day edition of Armed American Radio (AAR) is promising to put the proverbial frosting on that cake by “exposing the lies” of the billionaire ex-mayor’s gun control front groups, which may be a timely reaction to yesterday's gun control march across the Brooklyn bridge.

AAR host Mark Walters, according to a press release, “will expose the lies of the Bloomberg funded front groups ‘Everytown for Gun Safety,’ ‘Moms Demand Action’ and the media outlets who parrot their claims of ‘74 school shootings since Newtown,’ by covering each incident one by one.” It promises to be an interesting three hours, as Walters will be joined by journalist Charles C. Johnson, who first scrutinized the school shooting data last week.

The Brooklyn Bridge march, according to the Christian Science Monitor, was "part of former New York Mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s gambit to coalesce a gun control movement now flush with money but low on national traction into a political force." The CSM article noted that Bloomberg’s gun prohibitionists “are up against a considerable foe – not just the powerful National Rifle Association, but a general trend in America toward expanding, not contracting gun rights.”

Add to that an embarrassing admission by Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper Friday that when the Centennial State last year pushed through sweeping gun control measures — costing two senior Democrat lawmakers their jobs via recall — the state’s county sheriffs were “shut out” of the process. Hickenlooper, according to the Associated Press, apologized to the sheriffs and admitted, “I would say in the gun stuff, we certainly could have done a better job.”

The program airs via the Salem Radio Network on Sunday evenings, 8-11 p.m. (ET) and 5-8 p.m. (PT). Tonight’s edition is something of a follow-up from last week’s broadcast that featured researcher and author Dr. John Lott, who challenged what Walters said in the press release are “misleading statistics from the Bloomberg camp.”

Something of a stink over “Everytown” data arose several days ago following the shooting at Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Ore. One student was killed and a teacher was wounded before the teenage shooter, another student at the school, was confronted by school resources officers. Cornered, the shooter killed himself.

Johnson raised questions about the claim that there had been 74 school shootings in the 18 months since Sandy Hook. Many of those incidents simply did not pass muster as genuine school shootings. Some involved gang conflicts, others were suicides, and at least one appears to have been a domestic violence incident that happened in a school parking lot two weeks before school was in session.

CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb blasted media outlets for repeating what now appears to be a deliberate canard. CNN, which used the “74 shootings” figure and then acknowledged the source was Bloomberg’s “Everytown” group, did its own investigation and found 15 incidents that it believes meets the criteria of a school shooting.

“This episode not only reveals how gun prohibitionists try to fool people with questionable information,” Gottlieb said Thursday, “it also shows that the liberal, anti-gun-rights media all-too-willingly accepts such information at face value. What does that say about press partisanship, if not press gullibility? Let’s hope that from now on, CNN and other news agencies challenge information from anti-gun organizations before treating it like scripture.”

In a press release announcing tonight’s program, Walters stated, “I will cover every single claimed ‘school shooting’ one by one, dedicating however many AAR weekly shows it takes me to get through the list. Together Charles and I will expose the blatant lies and outright deception of the Bloomberg anti-gun machine…and I can’t wait.”

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