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Armageddon & the Mayan Apocalypse. We’re still here..... For now

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December 21st, 2013

On this date last year the media was abuzz and tongues were wagging with doomsday predictions regarding the Mayan calender. (See article: Armageddon & the Mayan Apocalyse)

In case anyone hasn't noticed we're all still here and the world hasn't been burned up by some celestial heavenly bon fire warned through an ancient pagan nation.

However, and according to the Bible, Armageddon is an eminent reality that we should all be prepared for. (Zephaniah 1:14)

But the question remains. What are we preparing for?

Whether a rapture style saving grace or a 'big bang your all dead' ending varies according to opinion. Regardless of belief or view point, it makes sense to find the answers to these questions in the book that started the question in the first place. The Bible.

So while many are waiting for some heavenly ship to take them home to Jesus, let’s look at a pattern of the past and attempt to reason from there.

First and with all due respect, let’s identify the “who and whom” that has the power and deserves the title of maker or breaker of the earth. Using the English and most understood worldwide pronunciation of the names, they are:

  1. Jehovah (Almighty God, Creator of all things.)

  2. Jesus Christ. (The first of God's creation and his literal son) who claimed that only God knows the day and the hour of Armageddon, not the son or the angels....or even the Mayans. (Mark13:32)

Second, let’s clarify the word “Armageddon” as the main worldwide destruction and being the final wipeout directly by God’s hand. Third, it’s important to list the “mini Armageddon’s” as selected destructions caused by means of God between as examples.

Questions to compare later are: What happened? When and why? What were the remains and remnants from both types afterwards?

The Bible identifies three types of main Armageddons. One of past, one we presently face and a future one as the grand finale. Then there are examples of the ‘mini’s, small centralized selections of God's way of saying "I’ve had it" yet with the same concepts and outcome.

Here’s a brief version in our modern day language with a humorous twist. Humor is mandatory to get the sense of why God puts up with all of us and seeing a pattern of his way of shaking up the stupidity of mankind.

1. Past: The Flood (main)

Genesis 6:17-The world was overfilled with violence so God got fed up and told Noah to build an Ark so he could wipe these losers off the face of the earth. This was not an easy task for Noah. It and took many years, a lot of muscle, patience and legwork to do it. 2 Peter 2:5&6 Says Noah was a preacher of righteousness so he obviously tried to warn and save anyone who would listen since God always gives people a chance to change. Well, obliviously they didn’t want to change and ignored Noah and slammed tent and cave doors in his face. The rain came and an estimated million or so died but only eight survived.

*They docked on the earth and were responsible to rebuild and fill it.

But-why didn’t he just fly them to heaven and blow up the earth rather than go through all that ark building work?

2. Sodom and Gomorrah: (mini)

The people were engaging all kinds of shameful activity that was repulsive to God. (If you want to know what those things were just turn on the TV). After several warnings and plenty of time to change had passed, Sodom and Gomorrah only got worse and the hour had come to destroy the disgusting city. So Jehovah sent two angels down to earth and said as they were leaving, “Try not to puke.”

The angels dragged out the only four people worthy of saving. It got reduced to three when Lots wife preferred the city-life over life itself. Perhaps she couldn’t bare the thought of roughing it in the country without 'Charles', her favorite interior decorator.

But-why send angels when they could have just popped up to Heaven instead of having to live the rough life?

3. The Exodus and the Israelites (somewhat mini):

God told Moses to go warn Pharaoh that if he didn’t let his people go he was going to regret it. Pharaoh said, “Who is this god that I should listen to him...and what are you doing with that stick in your hand?” Moses showed him Jehovah, the God he was refering to and Jehovah showed Pharaoh what the stick was for and whacked him and his idol-worshiping kingdom ten times then parted the Red Sea for the Israelites to cross. As they did he closed the walls of water turning Pharaoh and his army into fish food. (Exodus 5:2)

But-why not just zip Moses and gang up to Heaven rather than part the Red sea and make them walk?

While on the subject of Moses, walking and food, it should be mentioned that as the Israelites made their long trek through the wilderness, they moaned and groaned and even complained about the food. Later they got antsy and decided to establish their own religious holiday, make a golden calf and have a big party and justify it by naming it after God by calling it “A festival to Jehovah.” Needless to say, Jehovah didn’t like it. It wasn’t so much the party but it was the gross idolatry that did them in since he had warned repeatedly, “stay away from idols”! And besides, that calf didn’t look anything like him. (Exodus 32: 4&5)

Should it be mentioned that in all these years he has not changed?

4. Nineveh- (an almost mini)

God told Jonah to go warn the city of Nineveh if they didn’t change he was going to wipe them out like he did the others that didn’t listen. Jonah got scared since he hated confrontation and ended up getting swallowed by a big fish. After thinking about the odds of living life smelling like a sardine over confrontation, he prayed and said he was sorry and then took on the tasks of delivering the weighty message. Because these people had a few brain cells left and already saw a pattern of the past, they listened to Jonah, changed and they were spared.

Jonah thought he had wasted his time. Perhaops he forgot the goal was out of love for people to be saved to life...(not damning them to some hell that doesn't exist.)

But- why use mere humble humans to do all the preaching and warning? Doesn't Heaven a loudspeaker....or is the mouth in the form of the people?

5 Jerusalem 607 BCE (mini)

God sent many prophets warning that he was really fed up with the ancient Israelites idol worship that involved disgusting things like human sacrifice. Just read Isaiah-Malachi to get an idea how fed up he was. But he did promise to reorganize his people after a major refining and cleansing was done, and then he would put his name back on them. (Isaiah 43:7-10)

The point being is that he followed his usual pattern of destroying the wicked and those that worshiped falsely and retained a faithful remnant to rebuild and re-establish his original purpose for the earth.

6 Jerusalem 70 CE (mini)

As usual the people were warned through prophesies according to Jesus to flee when they saw certain signs in the city. Some listened some didn' get the picture.

Present: The panting

Revelation, Isaiah, Daniel ….Jesus said, (in present language form (Matt 24: 7-15) “Look around and when you see things going all to hell like earthquakes pounding the world one after the other, religious fanatics smacking each other around and or killing each other in the name of a God they don’t even know the name of, and a bunch whitewashed devil worshipping idiots acting all pious and trying to stand in the position of God, as spoken through Daniel the prophet; know this,

"I will not be picking you up in some giant ship to set you down at my right hand to rule with me while I blow up the earth."

Okay so maybe he didn’t say it like that but the point is that if we expect the right change to take place, we need to take the time to know what's right, want the change to take place and then support it.

Whatever we choose a change will happen whether we like it or not. After all, there is a pattern. Patterns are for a reason. Does it make sense that God sets a pattern for a reason and makes sure it's something us humans can identify and reason with?

Does it makes sense we are given plenty of time to change according to His standards and not our own? (2 Peter 3, 1-13)

Or does it make more sense to ignore everything and live as we no warning was never given? Whatever decision is made another question remains.

If you were God, and Heaven and earth was your home that you spent a lot of time and energy on, what would you do?

The future and final 'Army':

Well, since that's not for another thousand years or so, let's just get through the 'present' one one first.





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