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Arlington, Virginia: Home to box turtles and more

Arlington Virginia is the home to the Eastern Box Turtle, among other species. Apparently, they do well throughout Virginia, however pesticides do they harm, and they are doomed by people trying to make them pets. You and children may encounter them, but it is imperative to teach children to leave them alone and let them have their space. That will ensure their survival.

Eastern Box Turtles at Cherry Valley Park
Eastern Box Turtles at Cherry Valley Park
James George
Eastern Box Turtle, Potomac River
James George

In the early spring, I found the Eastern Box Turtle living healthily along the Potomac in different locations. Today, I saw one in Cherry Valley Park.

I always believed that box turtles were vegetarians, but that is not a fact. They are omnivorous and eat “slugs, snails, earthworms, wild strawberries and blackberries, mushrooms, insects (such as grasshoppers and crickets), and carrion (dead animals, such as ducks or frogs).”

The one that I saw today was hanging around a mulberry tree that had dropped a lot of decaying fruit.

Local ponds are hosts to other turtle varieties including snapping turtles and the Eastern Painted turtles.

If you truly want to increase your knowledge about turtles, check out the website hosted by the Virginia Herpetological Society.

Cherry Valley Park
1731 N Quincy St
Arlington, VA 22207