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Arlington Steak House claims best chicken-fried steak


Chicken-fried steak dinner.  Photo by Jade Clark

Click here to print a coupon for a "buy one, get one" chicken-fried steak dinner (good until Aug. 1, 2010).

About 5 miles west of Grand Prairie, on W. Division St. (Hwy 180), is one of the oldest standing restaurants in DFW.  Arlington Steak House has been serving since 1931.  Before that, the building was a train depot.  The view from the curb is nothing special, but service and food quality more than make up for that.

On a Friday night, you will find a light dinner crowd.  Most of the diners appeared to be regulars; a good sign.  The east dining room is small and quiet, with local, historic photos decorating the walls.  Seating along the walls are booths which are aged, but comfy.  Everything is clean and inviting, exuding Texas hospitality.  Staffers are casually, but neatly-dressed, in matching yellow t-shirts with the company logo.  As you enter the dining area, there is a sign advertising fresh dinner rolls by the dozen.

1724 W. Division St.  Photo by Jade Clark

Items are moderately priced, about like Chili's or Cheddar's (the pricing on the website needs to be updated).  "Steak House" is a bit of a misnomer.  Though steak is what they are famous for, once you open a menu, you will find variety to suit everyone in the family.  They have barbecue, seafood, salads, Italian, Mexican, and sandwich selections.

The Arlington Star-Telegram rates the chicken-fried steak at Arlington Steak House, as the best in town.  This chicken-fried steak may be different from any you've tried.  The breading is not overly salted, or seasoned, and neither is the cream gravy.  The steak is tender, with no gristly pieces.  The restaurant takes pride in not having a microwave on site, and rightly so.  Pride in their process is especially noticeable with the mashed potatoes, which are fresh, creamy, and obviously not from a mix.

Before you leave, make sure to leave a tip, and pick up a dozen of those advertised dinner rolls.  You won't be sorry you did.


  • Darlene 5 years ago

    My Grandparents used to go there for "date" nights...a long, long time ago.

  • Jill C. 5 years ago

    Interesting bit of local history. I've been in the area for 30 years and have never heard of the place!

  • candi 5 years ago

    cool! that's pretty close and i've driven past it quite a few times without knowing it was a great place for steak!

  • Profile picture of Wesley Stein
    Wesley Stein 4 years ago

    Best Chicken Fried Steak? I guess I got to check this out becuase I thought I found the best Chicken Friend Steak in Wylie.

  • Réne Girard (Ft. Worth Christianity & Culture) 4 years ago

    I'd like to try them out sometime - thanks for the article :-)

  • Mike 4 years ago

    This place is a truly a dump. stick with Chillis or any other reputable clean steak place, other than Arlington Steak house. Take pride in where you eat, and what you eat. I guess Michael Clark, knows nothing about food or rating a steak house. The place honestly made me sick, I wasted my food and money, and finally settled for Wendy's that evening. Good luck and best wishes!

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