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Arlington's Richard Simpson Park provides access to Lake Arlington

A beautiful spot for a picnic, or just to sit and relax.
A beautiful spot for a picnic, or just to sit and relax.
2012 Patricia Cook

Richard Simpson Park has a lot more going for it than you might think by looking at a list of its amenities: its main features are the boat ramp and fishing piers, and the fact that it serves as an in/out for the Lake Arlington Paddling Trail (check out this paddling trail map).

The fising pier is one of hte main featres at Richard Simpson Park.
2012 Patricia Cook

The only other amenities this 9-acre park offers are a pavilion with picnic tables, restroom, and lake office—unless you count the trees and green spaces.

That being said, this is a wonderful park, even if you aren’t planning on going out on the lake or dropping a line in the water to try and catch something.

Richard Simpson Park is beautiful, with lots of trees and greenery, and it offers great views of Lake Arlington. If you enjoy watching boats on the water, the gentle action and soft sound of the water on the shore, or just sitting outside getting a dose of nature, you’ll get your fill of it here.

There’s a good amount of wildlife, mostly in the form of ducks and birds, the latter in such large numbers that if they all get to talking at once, it’s really quite loud. Be careful walking under the trees if you don’t like messes, because, well, walking under a tree filled with birds can be hazardous (in places you’ll see the proof on the sidewalk)!

For boating, paddling, or fishing, Richard Simpson Park is a sure thing. For that indefinable “something else,” it might be, too: small enough to be cozy, yet big enough not to feel cramped, and full of what many of us go to parks for.

With the lake office on site, you can take care of any business you need to regarding permits, licenses, etc., and the activity room is available for rental. The City of Arlington has a renovation project planned for the office, with reconstruction on the drawing board starting in 2012. When completed, the new space will be a fitting complement to the park it resides in and the lake it governs.

Consider paying this park a visit, you may just have a new favorite place. It’s located at 6300 W. Arkansas Ln.