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Arlington Resort Hotel Spa earns award

Friends enjoy the healing waters at ArlingtonResort  Hotel Spa
Friends enjoy the healing waters at ArlingtonResort Hotel Spa
Gaye Hardin, Arlington Hotel and Spa

The Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa in Hot Springs, Arkansas, has been recognized again this year as one of the Top 100 Spas by Spas of America. The list, which was featured in Healthy Living and Travel, included spas in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

The Arlington’s Thermal Water Spa is unique in that guests bathe in the waters of the “hot springs” pumped directly into the hotel. The natural spring waters from the world-famous Hot Springs National Park flow out of the ground at a temperature of 143 F degrees.

Water that falls as rain in the watershed area sinks about a mile deep through faults and fractures. As it goes deep into the earth, it becomes heated by the natural heat gradient of the earth and compression. The hot water then rises quickly through a fault at the base of Hot Springs Mountain where the Arlington and world-famous Bath House Row are located.

Read my personal account of “taking the waters,” just as thousands of visitors have done for more than 140 years, at

“We take great pride in the Thermal Water Spa, as well as our Beauty and Facial Salon,” said Bob Martorana, general manager of The Arlington. “Our experienced, professional staff is dedicated to making all of our guests look and feel great.”

“We are honored to again be recognized for our unique and historic facility, services and staff. We will continue to provide this world-famous service so our guests will enjoy an unforgettable spa experience,” Martorma adds.

The Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa has been a popular American destination since 1875 when visitors from around the world would come to Hot Springs to bathe in the soothing thermal waters to heal and relax. Hot Springs National Park became “America’s Spa” and is the only national park in a city.

Hot Springs Reservation, the first designation of Hot Springs National Park, was set aside by Congress in 1832. This makes Hot Springs National Park the first location in the national park system, 40 years older than Yellowstone National Park.

As Arkansas’ largest hotel, The Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa is a self-contained resort with all of the ambiance and hospitality of a traditional, grand old Southern hotel. Established in 1875, it features full spa service in the Thermal Water Spa, fabulous restaurants and a national park just outside any door.

Information and photo courtesy of Gaye Hardin, Arlington Resort Hotel

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