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Arlington Outdoors, new assignment and ‘Bike to Work Day’

This is news just once, I am covering Arlington Outdoors for This is exciting because the possibilities are endless, and here is news right off the bat. Friday, May 16th is “Bike to Work Day.”

Bike Arlington and experience the outdoors
Bike Arlington and experience the outdoors
James George
Bike to Work Day
James George

“On Friday, May 16, 2014, BikeArlington invites you to join thousands of area commuters for a celebration of bicycling as a clean, fun and healthy way to get to work! Meet up with your neighbors at one of more than 70 regional pit stops, ride to work with an experienced commuter convoy and wear your FREE Bike to Work Day t-shirt at work with pride. Help the Washington region become a better place to ride. Bike to Work Day is a FREE event and open to all area commuters. Register at”

Bike Arlington

Biking in Arlington Virginia is terrific as is hiking. Over the past year the number of bike rental locations has multiplied to such an extent that one can just about bike everywhere using the “shared economy” approach. Sure, you can own your own bike, but if you don’t, no problem. It is still the law that you must have a safety helmet while riding a bike.

Once you start riding a bike to work, it will be hard not to want to repeat the practice. It is more healthy physically than other forms of transit. You can get to more places faster, and you can travel much further than by foot. Don’t forget to get a chain and lock for security. Or, you can always just drop the bike at another bike stop and not have to worry about it.

See you on the trail.