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Arlington Cemetery: Walk among the prominent, significant and interesting

Arlington Cemetery, the prominent and interesting of our community-slide0
Kathy Martin ( Arlington Cemetery

Drexel Hill’s Arlington Cemetery offers visitors walking space to reflect. With 130 acres of historic grounds, grand trees and stone walls, it is for and part of the community in which it prominently sits in remembrance of the past.

Some were famous and some interesting

Arlington was founded in 1895 enabling this landmark cemetery the opportunity to hold the engraved stone remembrance of some prominent individuals and families of the Philadelphia area. Walking along the paved roadways of these grounds, you can’t help but notice the impressive mausoleums and large family name groupings. Arlington’s site includes a listing of the famous and interesting that is worthy of a review. The listing includes the section for you to locate, as well as, the opportunity to order flowers for their stone. There seems to be a surprising number of major league baseball players, politicians, scientists and authors. There are the historically notable, such as Enon M. Harris, Sr., a Civil War Veteran who guarded Lincoln and Joseph F. Quirk, Jr., a renowned WWII vet who was instrumental in the D-Day success. Accomplished women are remarkable for their variety of distinguished roles. Margaret M. Murdoch was the first women mayor of Upper Darby Township and Ruth Malcomson Schaubel, Miss America and Miss Pennsylvania of 1924. Reflect on the impact of those named like Hurutune S. Jenanyan, the first American priest in Philadelphia, Dandi Landreth, an early 1800s American Horticulturalist, and David John Feldbaum, an original American Bandstand dancer. But also take time to respect those of unusual notoriety as you walk along the engraved markers. There’s Mary E. McConnell, victim of the “Gorilla Man” serial killer in 1927 and Henry Blank a Titanic survivor. All rest in noted lots of grand and ornate or simply carved stone of all sizes and shapes.

Before your next walk around the stone wall or venture along Arlington’s paved roadways, investigate the individual and families who each played a role in our community’s history. The bit of knowledge of such variety of individuals named here may lighten your heart and inspire your own legacy.

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