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Arkansas tornado pets: Maumelle Animal Clinic posts update

Maumelle Animal Clinic update
Maumelle Animal Clinic update

The Maumelle Animal Clinic posted an update to their Facebook page May 5. Here's the thread.

The clinic will have one team go into Mayflower on Tuesday, May 6. Everyone helping is to meet at MAS at 10:00 a.m.

All unclaimed intake dogs and cats must be held, according to FEMA regulations, for 30 days before being adopted out. This isn't something Maumelle came up with, it's the law.

Proof of ownership with no exceptions is required to reclaim a pet. This prevents those trying to secure dogs and cats who aren't the rightful owner in getting their hands on a pet that doesn't legally belong to them.

All reclaimed animals must go through Maumelle Animal Services or Maumells Friends of Animals. The approval of one of the above is required before a pet is removed from one of their clinics.

The fostering program is going well. If you wish to foster a pet for Maumelle, please go to their webpage and fill out an online foster application. There's room on the form to state which pet you wish to foster.

The Mayflower Animal Clinic is open, where Maumelle will continue to assist them in needs and placement of found animals for the Mayflower area. This clinic isn't servicing the Vilonia area.

Lastly, Maumelle Animal Clinic does have supplies for your pet if you were a victim of the storm. Just come on up to Maumelle Animal Services. M-F 10-5. Sat 12-4:30.

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