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Arkansas tornado: Dog survives killer storm that killed his two furry companions

Avery, sole survivor pet, suffered leg and chest injuries
Avery, sole survivor pet, suffered leg and chest injuries
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An update is finally available on Avery, the sole pet to survive the Arkansas tornado on April 27 that killed his two dog companions. The Cabin Net News posted Avery's remarkable tale of survival on May 1.

This Examiner article covered Tammy Decker, owner of the three dogs, as she put out a plea to help find her missing pets. Sadly, Tammy lost her 10-year-old Shih-Tzu, as well as her Great Pyrenees. Both were found dead after the storm.

Avery, a boxer/Italian greyhound mix, was found by a rescue organization. He was buries for 24 hours under debris. No one knows how he survived. It took the rescue team almost 45 minutes to dig him out, Tammy said.

Other than a broken leg and a chest puncture wound, Avery is doing well. He had surgery, and is still a patient at Vilonia Animal Clinic. The family can't get over how happy their sole survivor furbaby is. Avery enjoys playing with his favorite stuffed toy-an elephant. The elephant is the only toy Avery hasn't demolished.

Vilonia Animal Clinic has been a blessing to the Vilonia community, which was one of the communities hardest hit by the Arkansas tornadoes. They're treating pets free who survived the tornadoes free of charge.

Some who remain at the clinic are still unclaimed. Vilonia and Mayflower are still struggling to pick up what's left of their lives, since many areas were completely wiped out.

Avery isn't the first miracle tale of dog survival to come out of the Arkansas tornadoes. The articles listed under suggested by the author tell of other courageous dogs who have been reunited with family.

Hopefully, there will be more uplifting stories, as more dogs and cats are being reunited each day.

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