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Arkansas Primary, Nebraska Self Deportation & Borderland

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Early voting for the Primary Elections in Arkansas starts today. Illegal immigration has been a lesser issue in this election. Here are some videos in a playlist of Arkansas Candidates and their policy on illegal immigration.

This last one is my favorite;

Fremont, Nebraska has shown yet again that self-deportation works & survives the Federal Jurisdiction excuse used by pro-illegal alien groups like MALDEF. Filing for City elections in many parts of Arkansas won't be until June. There must be at least one city in Arkansas that wants to remove illegal aliens.


I’ve been watching the Al Jazeera documentary borderland, which includes Arkansas’ Allison Melder. While there are some unique perspectives on the journey of illegal aliens, the documentary is mainly designed emotional break people into wanting a path to legal status for illegal aliens. It’s hard to tell, but there seems to be a theme that if we open the borders and offer yet another amnesty, the suffering of immigrants and even the murders of US citizens by illegal aliens will slow down.

The failures of the 86 amnesty, the bailout of the Mexican Peso, other smaller executive order amnesties, & the other ways the US has helped the illegal alien system have hardly been talked about. The best thing I saw out of Borderland was how Kishanna focused her anger toward the corrupt governments that create poverty & illegal immigration. Another episode of Borderland will air on Sunday 05/11/14 8pm central. If you want to chat about Borderland & with the stars of the show, follow and respond to these twitter accounts. #AJAMBorderland #borderland @AlJazeera, cast members: @stufflebeamrc @asparagusking @AlisonMelderAR @treschicstyle @LisMarieFL
Check out some of the tweets of the show.

1. Kenny ‏@KennyW_NLR 19h
Kishana Holland has the right attitude regarding #borderland. We should be angry at this system, not help it. @treschicstyle

Tracey Cromwell ‏@tracwell 16h
@KennyW_NLR @treschicstyle i must agree bcuz even after watching #borderland my mind hasn't changed We can't enable illegal immigrant 2 enter

1. Kenny ‏@KennyW_NLR 19h
The way to help these people is to reform countries, not let them in to the #US to be exploited. #AJAMBorderland #borderland @AlJazeera

Gary Larsen ‏@asparagusking 18h
@KennyW_NLR @AlJazeera you are correct that countries need to be reformed

1. Kenny ‏@KennyW_NLR 19h
@asparagusking doesn't speak for the US #economy or the many poor US citizens who loss jobs to illegals