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Arkansas photographer holiday gift guide

Let's face it, photographers can be hard to buy for. Of course, what photo enthusiast in your life wouldn't want a new Canon 5D Mark II or Nikon D3x? But most of us aren't planning to drop $3500 (and up) per person to everyone on our Christmas list.

Bags and camera accessories, besides costing a good bit in their own right, can be a problem because a photographer's preferences can be so personal.

Here are a few gifts that can thrill the photographer on your list without putting too much strain on your bank account.

Coffee table books: The best bet on these is to choose a great photographer, or a talent that your favorite photographer admires. For local interest, check out books by Tim Ernst, a well-known Arkansas photographer.

Photography books: There are lots of them out there, so what to choose? Many bloggers and photographers are speaking high praise of Photojojo, the book that was born out of the Photojojo website.

Tripod: For family photos, cool ghost effects, waterfall photos, fireworks, the state fair, and host of other fun shots, a tripod is indispensable. If your favorite photographer doesn't already have one, this could be a much appreciated gift.

Memory cards: for the photographer who has everything. You can never have too many memory cards.

Storage: CDs are the most inexpensive, but they are less reliable and hold fewer photos. DVDs hold more photos. But for long-term storage and easier access, there are other useful devices that can hold photos either temporarily or permanently. This article by outlines a variety of storage solutions for a variety of budgets.

If you have a photographer who loves the outdoors, as many Arkansas photographers do, then consider the gift given to photographer Ed Cooley by his wife: the SPOT satellite locator. This device possibly saved Cooley's life when he fell from a bluff earlier this year.

Michelle Posey is a photographer in Little Rock, Arkansas. She has not received any money or free merchandise from any of the companies listed above.


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