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Arkansas needs to act like Representative Tom Cotton & Governor Mary Fallin

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United States Representative Tom Cotton has done a great job on the issue of illegal immigration. Rep. Cotton stood in defiance of the Karl Rove/Chamber of Commerce/DC Consultant Class lie that the GOP needs to pass a path to legal status amnesty to win the “Hispanic Vote” when he opposed S744, the latest amnesty attempt that was passed in the US Senate. Now Rep. Cotton is pointing out how US Senator Mark Pryor is weak on fighting illegal immigration. Arkansas state candidates should join Rep. Cotton by campaigning for self deportation laws! Here is the Rep. Cotton ad that needs to be shared with self deportation activist across the State of Arkansas:

Here’s the story behind the ad:

& here’s video of Mark Pryor lying & dodging on the illegal immigration issue done by me:

Our state neighbor to the west of Arkansas stood up to the Federal Government in regards to the border surge. Oklahoma passed self deportation laws a few years ago that greatly reduced illegal immigration and the problems that come with it. Arkansas legislators must follow states like Oklahoma & Alabama and stand in defiance of the Federal Government. Below is the opening statement from Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, followed by a link to the rest of the statement:

"On June 13, the first bus of illegal immigrant minors, aged 12-17, arrived at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. The state of Oklahoma was given no formal notice, and no chance to object. After weeks of bad publicity, public outrage and political pressure, the Obama administration announced this week that the facility will close by Friday, Aug. 8."

Mark Levin criticizes some DC media commentators regarding illegal immigration:


On Thursday August 7th, Americans for Prosperity will have phonebanking from 4:30-8:30pm at their Little Rock Office at Union Station.

1400 West Markham Suite 400


. Dinner will be provided.