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Arkansas lost dog alert: Pug missing in Jonesboro area of Craighead County

Mitzi is lost in the Jonesboro area of Craighead
Mitzi is lost in the Jonesboro area of Craighead

This sweet dog is missing in Arkansas. Facebook reported the story on this thread.

Mitzi, a fawn pug with a black mask, is missing in the Jonesboro area of Craigshead. She's still a baby, and isn't spayed or micro-chipped.

If you've found Mitzi, please keep her safe and contact Robin Diggs Smith at 870-844-0099 or by email at

Remember to be very careful who you release a "found" pet to. Sadly, people have taken advantage of the situation and taken custody of pets that did not belong to them.

If a pet is reunited with its owner, please post the story I've done on my Facebook wall saying dog is safe. The Examiner article will be removed at that time so we can keep a current list of animals still in need.