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Arkansas dog with jug stuck on her head still running loose: Rescuers search

Volunteers are determined to help find this dog. Please keep a lookout for her, but do not approach.
Volunteers are determined to help find this dog. Please keep a lookout for her, but do not approach.
Fern's Road to Rescue

Since August 2, a brown, black and white hunting dog has been roaming the Ferndale area in Pulaski County, Arkansas according to a Facebook page titled Fern's Road to Rescue.

A new search for Fern is going on Tuesday morning and rescuers are asked to meet at the intersection of Ferndale and Kanis.

According to a report from the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office, a witness saw a person putting the plastic jug over the dog's head, but before being able to remove it, the dog panicked and ran away. Since then, the female hunting dog, now affectionately named Fern has been eluding all attempts to capture her and remove the plastic jug.

The incident began on August 2; posters, traps, and volunteers have been combing the area looking for Fern.

FoxNews reports that Fern is able to drink and eat. Lori Privitt, a dog rescuer stated the jug is cut out at the top, enabling Fern to use if like a scoop to get food and water. Most dog owners are familiar with the time honored Elizabethan collars veterinarians use on dogs when treating dogs in order to help healing of wounds and injuries. The collars, which are commonly referred to as "lampshades" make it more difficult for a dog to eat and drink, but they adapt.

Privitt said, "Her instincts are going to keep her alive as long as she possibly can."

On Sunday, Fern's Road to Rescue posted the following asking for rescuers not to give up:

"All the people who are more experienced than we are at dog search and capture, (some a lot) tell me that when a dog gets stressed and instincts kick in, the dog sees everything as a predator, and it is most common for the dog to NOT be approachable. All that we have experienced these weeks seems to be the norm with dogs that are lost, except the jug on head of course. WE MUST REMAIN HOPEFUL THAT SOMEONE WILL BE ABLE TO SAVE FERN. IF NOT US THEN SOMEONE ELSE. GOD BLESS FERN!"

The last sighting of dog tracks were under a culvert near the 4H Center.

If anyone spots Fern, please do not approach her. Call 501.425.2534.

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